Cable Bill Up?

Your cable bill has gone up with an average 4% a year? You might not realize this, but you got off quite well. According to an FCC report cable bills have gone more than 90% since the late 90’s.

In 2005 the average TV cable rate was $43, basic cable $14, and the expanded basic package was $28. Most telecommunication prices have come down because of the deregulation, but it did not work for the TV cable bills.

A frustrated customer called his provider in LA to ask for a discount (you can always try). This person was paying over $150 per month and was hoping for a 10% discount. To his surprise he got his monthly cable bill reduced to less than $100!

Cable Bill

Cable Bill

This person is among a lot of savvy customers who no longer accept high monthly bill who keep on increasing without a good explanation. Give your local cable company a call for a discount can be a good idea.

Another solution is the internet, take a basic internet subscription, call over the internet (by using skype or other services), and watch all TV channels over the web.

Cable Bill Increases

Cable bill increases are going to hit you again this year. Last year the average price for a monthly cable subscription was $75 and a lot of customers where paying more than $ 100.

Cable Bill

Cable Bills

This year the average price increase will be 5%! This means that at this rate you will be paying $95 a month for TV in five years.

The reason for these increases are that cable companies make huge investments which not always pay off, so they need to find a way to get those costs covered. They do this by milking the cow which (they think) cannot go elsewhere, meaning you, the loyal cable subscriber who wants to see the popular shows.

But now all cable companies are faced with web-based television, with content for free or for almost nothing. Various services are available which offer you your favorite show for nothing or for a small fraction of your monthly cable bills.

The question is how are cable companies going to catch up? A lot of their customers already found out that they can see much of their favorite shows through internet services which costs much less than cable. So far cable companies have not yet figured out how to adapt to the way the web distributes contents. If you like to reduce your cable bill you should consider the alternatives the internet offers to your cable company.

boys and girls read and answer please please?

im trying to find out news on and i need an account number; i have cablevision but i have no clue what the account number is=( and it wont let me get to the news story w/ out the act. numer
and help?

do you think Cablevision is going to reimburse the customers?

for stripping off channels and not finding compromise with News Corp?
should I hold to my breath?
Will they increase the subsription? I wish I could drop them and sign for something else but my landlord is not approving for any outlets.
I don’t follow with World Series but I am very much need Soccer channel. It sucks

How do I connect 2 computers using LAN cable ?

I have two computers both having windows XP professional. I connect them using a LAN cable. I can see shared folders of laptop on desktop but can’t see shared folders of desktop on laptop. While attempting to do so, laptop asks for a password where the user name (already filled) is the name of my desktop. I have never set any passwords on both of my computers. I have tried creating new user accounts and setting new passwords but none of the password is accepted. I have checked my cable and it is crossover.