How can I lower my Cox Cable Bill?

I want to have the channel "The N". So I told my Mom if I we can delete some useless channels like CSPAN. But she said it doesn’t cost money to delete channels; she said it’s like it’s this category of channels for this much, or these channels for this much etc. But is that true.

Can I delete channels and save money? And how can I get The N? AND DOES IT COST MONEY FOR On Demand CUZ MY MOM SAYS IT DOES!!??

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  1. classicsat Says:

    You cannot do what you want, cable doesn’t work that way.

    Most programming is sold in successive tiers, meaning each package has all the channels in the package below it, with a number of channels added to it. Most general cable channels, such as The N, are packaged that way. You cannot ordinarily swap out channels in lower channels for ones in higher packages, or turn off individual channels to reduce the cost of a package. You have to take or leave the package. So to get The N, you’d have to subscribe to the next up package or so, for maybe $10/month more. Typically, you can opt to not subscribe to premium channels.

    I don’t know too much about OnDemand, but my understanding is that if you have the channel in the package you have, you can watch its VOD for free.

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