Ex put cable bill in my name, what do I do?

My ex and I split up back in April. He had cable installed shortly there after in my name. I didn’t get the bill until it was shut off and he racked up over 800 dollars in debt for me. He has also recently threatened to take our kid away from me (I have joint custody) just to be vindictive. (I know, real winner, right?) What should I do about this piece of work?

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  1. Sam Says:

    Did you sign any documents from the cable company? if he signed the paperwork…it may be his responsibility to pay for all of the bill.

  2. obsessed daughters Says:

    get an attorney, contact the cable company and tell them the situation-tell them you have an attorney working on it.
    He used your name and credit which is illegal
    that wont play too good in his quest to get sole custody of your child

  3. ♥Invisible Pink Unicorn♥ Says:

    Call the cable company, make a police report, and report it to the courts as well –

    Also contest it if they put in on your credit report –

  4. PJ Says:

    Call the cable company and ask them why they allowed this. Tell them you DO NOT want this on YOUR credit report – it was their screw up allowing him to get cable in your name. Demand a letter from them. This may haunt you later – like if you want to buy a house.

  5. Chromium Says:

    I would steal $800 worth of stuff from him to pay the cable bill, then shut it down. Its not wrong if you are taking care of a piece of trash. As far as the kid, that is an empty threat. He has no more power or rights than you do (plus, mention to your attorney how he doesn’t care for the kid but is using him/her as a bargaining chip).

  6. spam_hammer Says:

    I don’t think he can legally get away with putting anything in your name without you approving it or signing. That is fraud.Call the cable company. I believe you can sue him for fraud, and make him pay the debt, and to get it off your credit record.

  7. Jane Marple Says:

    Call the cable company. Tell them this is a fraud and you did not ask for this service. Don’t get all tangled in the separation details they don’t need to know that. Tell them you can prove you did not live at that address when this services was requested under your name.

    ADD: If you need legal help go to small claims. Don’t pay a $500/h lawyer to solve that.

  8. Garnet Glitter Says:

    1) call the cable company and tell them it was done illegally and you plan to sue all involved for fraud, INCLUDING THEM if they don’t straighten it out…see how fast they hop to it.

    2) Obtain an attorney to back you up

    3) Small claims. Sue him.

    ) ignore his custody threats…no judge will take physical custody away from you and give it to a man who deliberately commits fraud…and you can prove it (the cable fiasco)

  9. say what? Says:

    Make sure you have evidence of your move out date and take him to small claims court to get the money back. Contact the cable company and explain the situation – they may do nothing until you get a judgment on him from small claims court.

    As for the custody portion? Go get an attorney and file for custody and visitation. Unless you are some crazed out, druggie psychopath – they’ll keep the child with mom. Maybe shared custody – but he won’t get to take anyone away from anyone…

  10. DiamondB Says:

    Small claims court……..Identity theft charges!……Why are you letting him threaten you with your child to keep from paying his debt? Fugg him!

  11. Rick31 Says:

    Your ex is guilty of fraud which is a felony. He can’t get custody if he is convicted of a felony. Call the police and report him and then try to work out something with the cable company so they will go after him for the $800 that he used for him and not you.

  12. ~*Flick*~ Says:

    I would contact the cable company and dispute these charges. I would show proof of address at a different address and if you had cable or whatever, show proof of this as well. Let him try and take the kid, the judge will make the choice who is the better parent.

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