Cable Bill – How can I dispute a cable bill that I am wrongfully being charged for when the company won't listen?

Cable Bill –

I called to cancel my comcast bill a month ago but they are claiming they have no record of it and they are trying to charge me 0. I did speak with someone and they said someone would be out to pick up my equipment and they never came. I have told them this 20 times, but they are refusing to get rid of the bill.

Cable Bill

( I also have a bill from another cable provider that is dated for when the comcast was shut off. So I was obviously told it was cancelled or I would have signed up with another provider.)
Actually I do have record of when I called and what was said so thanks for nothing, Davie downer. AND actually you can do shit you can call the state public utilities commision. Thanks so much wizjp!

Cable Bill:

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  1. wizjp Says:

    Try State Public Utilities Comission.

    They should have a grievance proceedure

    (That’s what we are here for….. )

  2. David S Says:

    Your experience is a good example of why you should write down names and dates when you call to cancel a service. That way, you have at least some evidence to prove what you’re saying. Better yet would be to put it in writing after you call and send them a letter confirming your wishes. Because you can’t prove that you called, you will probably have to pay the bill or take a hit on your credit score.
    If you had mentioned in your original question that you had a record of your call, I would have said "way to go!" I can only work with the info you provide.

  3. Thanh Says:

    You can’t do sh** and when you don’t pay they will report you to the credit agency so you are screwed.

    Your case is a classic example of how large corporation have all the power in this country.

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