Cable Bill – Why should I have to pay my cable bill to watch paid TV advertisements?

Cable Bill –

I work nights, so when I’m off and watch TV it is late at night. All I see is some stupid weed eater, girls gone wild or some incredible vacuum cleaner commercail!!! I pay bucks a month for this!!! @3$@ !!!!!!!!!!

Cable Bill

Cable Bill:

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  1. Jasmine Says:

    It sucks but unfortunately w/o commercials there wouldn’t be TV. How do you think those shows make their money. I love dvdr. Fast forwart right through the stupid commercials.

  2. PEACE! Says:

    sucks dont it ………..

  3. Asha x0x Says:

    it sucks – there are way more adverts in the US than in the UK but even in the UK it ticks me off!

  4. leslie Says:

    It’s your choice. But as soon as you’d cancel it, you’d wish you had it.

  5. LadyMerton Says:

    that is one reason I have refused to get cable/satilite- I can get at least 10 channels with my Old fashioned Rabbit ears and can use that $45+to buy or rent what I want to watch and can Chose When to watch it ( I work swing so I can relate)

    with so many tv shows/movies on dvd out there why waste MY & money on garbage shows-

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