Cable Bill – Statute of limitations on cable bill in Oklahoma?

Cable Bill –

I was contacted by a debt collector today about a Cox cable bill from January 2006 from Oklahoma. I haven’t heard from them in years. I was wondering what the statute of limitations is on that kind of bill and if they can contact me after so long?? I looked up statute of limitations but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Could someone let me know so I can call Cox?

Cable Bill

Thanks in advance!
Thanks guys! That’s what I needed to know!

Cable Bill:

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  1. SPIFIMAN1 Says:

    Look up Oklahoma on the site posted in the source box.

  2. anywhoo Says:

    Whether you go by the 5 year Written or the 4 year UCC, if you defaulted in January 2006 then the debt has passed SOL.

    O.S. ยง,12-3-95
    Civil actions other than for the recovery of real property can only be brought within the following periods, after the cause of action shall have accrued, and not afterwards:
    1. Within five (5) years: An action upon any contract, agreement, or promise in writing;

    If the collector contacted you today, and it was the first contact with that collector, then the first thing that you should do to protect your rights is send that collector a debt validation request. Do not sign your name on that letter, only type your name or print your initials. Send it by certified mail return receipt.

    After the collector responds, or if no response then after 35 days have passed from the date the collector signs the certified mail green card, then send them a SOL letter informing them that the alleged debt is SOL.

    If that particular collector had contacted you in the past then sending a debt validation letter at this point would just be spinning your wheels so bypass the debt validation request and just send the SOL letter.

    Calling Cox won’t do you much good since they probably had sold the debt long ago.

    Go to the site I’ve listed in the source box and do some reading in the Credit Forum. You will be able to find a SOL letter template to send to that collector. The site is totally free to read, ask questions and to use any material you find on it.

  3. StephenWeinstein Says:

    The statute of limitations only affects whether they can sue you. It has nothing with whether they can contact you in any other way.

    If you do not want them to call you on the telephone, then send them a letter, by certified mail, without using the telephone, telling them not to call you. Do not call them and do not mention the statute of limitations.

  4. Sandra Says:

    I called Cox today because I\’m moving to a new address and want to move my service. While taking the information they stopped and said \"oh, it looks like you have an unpaid bill from a previous address for the amount of $90.00 and we will will need to collect that today before we can schedule your new service\". I asked what address and when, etc. as I\’ve had cable for years and have heard nothing from them about any unpaid bill. It was from 2006 when I moved from one mobile home to another (in the same park) , apparently instead of transferring the service from house to the other, somehow it was left on for a month at the old address and when they turned on my service at the new house, they stated a new account on me. Now They want\" me\" to pay for that month that no one was living there, and I had even moved the converter boxes with me to avoid a charge for that. I\’m sure I could get out of paying the bill due to statute of limitations, it\’s been turned over to a third party collection (they said) but, even if I did they would not give me cable. Can they do legally do that ? They are also saying now that I may also have to pay an extra deposit because of the unpaid bill. I\’ve been a good customer of theirs for years ! I could not believe my ears and what they were saying. Is this legal ?

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