what would happen if i couldn't pay my cable bill this month?

Money is extremely tight these days and I don’t have the money to pay my cable bill this month. Will they shut my cable off immediately or is it true it takes about two months for there to be a problem. Can I pay a portion of the bill? Should I call them and let them know my problem? I will definitely have the money next month, this month has been very hard due to a number of mistakes and over all bad luck.

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  1. OLDIESchicana Says:

    lol well weve been past due 2 months b4. n it just says notice of termination n u get like a week to pay after that notice. u can call n let them kno ur situation n they will sumtimes give u time to pay or let u pay half. but that also depends on how ur past bills have been. if uve never been late, they r much nicer.

  2. Sudz Says:

    Call them, they may even give you a better rate over the next couple of months to make it easier for you to keep up.

  3. vdinigal Says:

    Give them a call and see if you can work out payment arrangements. If you haven’t reached the cut-off date, most companies will still let you set up some kind of arrangement to get caught back up.

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