How long do you have to pay your cable bill from the due date?

basically how long before they cut it off?

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  1. latj Says:

    WRONG!!! I don’t know what land you all live in but they don’t allow you even 30 days. On the 30th day they start sending out cut off notices. I got this from the horse’s mouth. You have 5-7 days after that before disconnection. They don’t play.
    Peace & Love :)

  2. Judy Says:

    I suspect they will let it go for a while.
    Maybe even 6 months.
    What will happen is they will tack on late fees and their interest (clearly stated on the bill).
    Then when the amount is large enough they will start calling you for the money. Then after 6 months after that they will send it to collections.
    Cable companies do a credit check before they give you a service. If they spot the fact that you defaulted on a cable company you many not be able to get cable ever again.

  3. mister ed Says:

    you can skate at least 45 days!!!

  4. Choc1 Says:

    It depends, usually they want it paid by 30 days. However, I got a good relationship with the people at the cable company. I go in and pay whatever I have weekly or bi-weekly, and they never cut it off because they see that I’m paying on a continuous basis (as long as the amount is reasonable). And that also works with your gas and light.

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